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Dear Visitor,

We are thrilled to welcome you to our online home. Here you will find links to our three rosters, each of which has been carefully curated to meet the needs of the different venues we serve.

Having worked with thousands of artists and presenters, and facilitated hundreds of performance experiences on all sides of the triangle (as agents, as presenters, and as artists), we are surprised to report that we are not jaded. Our industry is not easy - perhaps you can relate? Not only are the trials and tribulations wearying, they can lead to something truly disastrous - giving up on art. “Selling out” is a very real temptation. But for some reason, we still wake up yearning for that magical experience - that profound feeling that can only be had in the presence of extraordinary art.

Whether it is a vocal flourish, the resonating echo of the bassoon, or the skipped heartbeat at the sight of a dancer who did the impossible - moments that are permanently etched into our souls and keep us wondering when we will experience them again. In short, we are addicted to those magical performing arts moments.

We founded Cadenza Artists in 2010 with five core ideals:

1. Encouraging more creativity and innovation in the arts.

2. Caring about and advocating for artists’ dreams

3. Being shamelessly passionate

4. Communication and Transparency

5. Being flexible so we can best serve our partners

In growing our company over the past four years, we have been fortunate to find some of the most valuable players around. As a bonus, everyone on our team has trained and performed as an artist! Collectively, our first-hand experiences on stage inform how we approach artistic programing and running a show.

Our team - Greg Kastelman, Anjin Stewart-Funai, Ben Cohen, Maria Elena Altany, Jennifer Frain - is our greatest asset. They move mountains for the people we serve (presenters, artists, partners) and show us every day what it means to be fiercely committed to one's work. They send us emails at 2am and are fountains of inspiration. They amaze us with their vision, creativity, and compassion. They have shown us time and time again that nothing is impossible. We hope that you'll enjoy working with them as much as we do.

If you have questions, our physical and virtual doors are always open. We stand by our company, our artists, and our team, and are always eager to speak with you about anything.

We invite you to explore our rosters. Each is unique, but all are carefully curated with artists who possess something special - special enough to create magical moments for your audiences.

Warm regards,

Julia Torgovitskaya and Jennifer Rosenfeld


For inquiries, please contact us.